Hunslet Carr Fisheries re-opens with new HN Island Range

Brand new Island Range for the re-opening of Hunslet Carr Fisheries


A new 3 Pan HE Island Range & Bespoke angled service counter has been fitted, alongside a brand new shop fit for Hunslet Carr Fisheries.

Replacing the the old range was a must for owner, Randeep Lally when a new shop fit was planned. The customer upgraded his range to a High Efficiency range complete with an integral filtration system, allowing for instant temperature recovery and an easy system to keep oil pristine. Saving costs as well ensuring a consistently product.

Randeep commented ‘“The range is a lot bigger than the old range as we wanted the bigger pans so we had a larger capacity. That meant we had to tweak the shop a little bit to fit the range in. Henry Nuttall were great at giving advice on how the counter would fit, where the range could go and where the prep tables could be put. They were very hands-on, they showed a lot of interest in what we were doing and the training they gave us once the range was installed was great as well.”



Randeep explains: “We can fry a lot more fish at one time now without the temperature dropping, which is great as with the old range we had to be careful about how many fish we would put in. The capacity is fantastic too; we can keep up to speed with the customers and we can deal with big orders much better than we could before.”



Even with all the extra fish being fried, Randeep’s noticed a drop in the cost of his gas bill of about a third. Randeep adds: “We are a busy shop, we are constantly putting fish in the pan, so for us it’s worked really well.”

With the refurbishment having drawn in many new customers, Randeep is confident that the investment in the new range has complemented the business, adding: “Without a doubt, the refurb has made the shop busier and with the old range we just wouldn’t have been able to keep up with how busy the shop is. Now, we literally can’t wrap quickly enough – the servers are working slower than the fryer because the range is so efficient.”

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Source: Fry Online