Henry Nuttall To The Rescue!

The Swan Re-opens with a 5 Henry Nuttall 5 Pan Island Range. 


When a fire struck just before Christmas, the takeaway/restaurant had to close imminently with, with it looking as March before a replacement range could be fitted.

When Owners Rita & Helen got into touch with us, we ensured that we would try our very best to work with them to get them open as soon as possible. We agreed after a site visit that day, we would turn the project around in just 4 week from our first visit.

Frying Range             

Helen commented “It was such a relief. They just took away all our stress,” explains Helen. “The thought of not opening until after Christmas or even into the Spring, well, I didn’t know if we would have made it.”


After a visit to our factory, The Swan opted for a 5 Pan, High Efficiency Island Range, complete with Filtration. “we wanted something that was simple and effective. The range is so easy to clean, for example, the vents just slide out and the glass on the display units just clip off.

“Frying is pretty much the same as our Florigo, which is good as we didn’t want to be learning new things, we just wanted to get on and do things how we knew.”

Helen went on to add how pleased she was with choosing a Henry Nuttall. “We’re really glad Henry Nuttall could come out so quickly and quote for us but also we felt very comfortable and confident with them straight away. And knowing that they are local should we need parts or anything is also very reassuring.”


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Source: Frymag