Wonder Range for Wonderfrys!

Wonder Range for Wonderfrys!

With  reoccurring pan problems with their existing range in the 11 years since purchase, Matt & Yvonne Ashley decided it may be time to look for something new.

After a site survey and a meeting, they looked to to change their existing 4 pan Island Range to a 4 Pan and griddle counter range, allowing them to increase kitchen capacity. as well as the range Matt & Yvonne opted for a total re-brand, changing the name from Baber’s to Wonderfrys, which has been laser-cut into the front of the range.  This included a fantastic front of shop re-fit and a new signage from BD Signs

Since the re-fit Matt explains that the shop has seen a big improvement, “Things are very good since the re-fit, we are taking more money and I have more control over the shop with the counter range”.


Matt & Yvonne opted for our High Efficiency burner system, which they believed has much benefited their product. “The high efficiency pans cook very well, and even though only had the range a short while I think they use less oil than my previous range.” Also commenting on the quality of his product, Matt believes this has much improved, stating ” It gives me a lovely consistent crisp batter, and the chips are great too                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          




Further commenting on Oil savings, Matt was very happy with his option of Vito 80 Filtration system. “The Vito is very good, its give you satisfaction that its cleaning the oil much better than would personally. I’d compare it to having an electric toothbrush compared to a manual!”






On explaining why Matt chose Henry Nuttall… “I grew up with a HN range in a chip shop in Weymouth, the service was good and it never seem to break down.  I know if i was to ever break down the range its easier to service than my previous range and I can be up and running much quicker. Pans can be changed in the morning before opening without the need for welding etc.”

“Amazingly the range come through the door and they managed to turn around a build time of 3 weeks from our initial meet.  On the whole, the price was great value for money,very good technology/systems on the range and service plans is great too.”




If you would like to find out how  a Henry Nuttall HE ECO range could improve your business, please get in touch for a free site survey/quote.

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Source: Chippy Chat

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